Capacity               Approx. 1.5L  fuel volume in 10" tall unit (varies with unit height)

    External Dims        4" X 6" Mounting Flange; Height is tank depth + 1.25"

Fuel Pump

    Manuf / Model     Bosch "-044" (FP200 Series, PN 0 580 254 044)

    Flow Rate              Greater than 300LPH at 13.5V1 and zero bar (free flow)    

    Current Draw        5A at 13.5V1 

Fuel Level Switch

    Style                         Magnetic Float / Reed Switch

    Logic                       Closed circuit when reservoir is full (normal operation)2    

    Max Current            0.5A


    Supply                    -8 AN Male

    Return                    -6 AN Male

    Vent                       -6 AN Male



13.5V is a typical operating voltage when installed in a running vehicle.  It accounts for an alternator output of 13.8V, less 0.3V drop due to circuit resistance.


The customer can reverse the signal logic by inverting the float.