Bosch 044 Filter Sock

This Filter Strainer or "Sock" will allow in-tank mounting of the Bosch 044 Fuel Pump (FP200 Series, PN 0 580 254 044).  We use this same component in our Internal Surge Tank.  It screws into the bottom of the 044 Fuel Pump and prevents tank sediment from being ingested.  Our unique design offers several advantages:
  • Adapter
    • Anodized for compatibility with all automotive fuels
      (gasoline, ethanol, methanol, diesel, blends)
    • Conical inlet for smooth fuel flow
    • Sealing washer with rubber gasket included

  • Filter Strainer
    • Extra large surface area to resist clogging
    • Internal cage to prevent collapse under suction
    • Stainless Steel retention tangs for secure mounting to Adapter
    • Internal gasket to prevent debris ingress at the interface to the Adapter 
  • Shipped unassembled for convenience.  Some filters require the use of a special thin wrench to access the Adapter Hex, making it difficult to orient the filter.  With our setup, the Adapter can be installed with normal tools, then the Filter Strainer is simply pushed onto it, in the exact position desired.
Note:  Fuel pump not included




    Material                                  Aluminum, Blue Anodized

    Thread / Pitch                        M18 X 1.5 

    Hex Size                                  24mm (15/16 inches)

    Sealing to Pump                    Self-Centering Washer w/Retained Rubber Gasket

Filter Strainer "Sock"

    Filtration Level                         60 Micron

    Dimensions                              135mm X 53mm

    Effective Filtration Area         12,000 mm2 

    Internal Support                     Molded Plastic Cage

    Retention                                6 X Stainless Steel Tangs

    Sealing to Adapter                Internal Rubber Gasket 

Full Assembly

    Installed Height                      20 mm



    Filter Sock                                $35.00

    Shipping in CONUS                  $6.50

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